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Instructions for the online examination:
  1. In order to take the Laws & Rules exam or the exam for Continuing Education credits, you need to register by selecting the hot link below called “register”.
  2. In the registration, you will setup a user name and a password for the exam.
  3. Once you register, you will have the option of taking the exam for licensure OR taking it for continuing education - select the one of your choice. You can pay $10 for a laws and rules exam or $30 for a CEU. If you are a PC, LSW or MFT and need CEUs for renewal, you can do that and use that certificate within two years for your PCC, LISW or IMFT laws and rules exam.
  4. Then you will pay for the exam, after payment, that page will send you to the Board’s site to start the exam; you must go back to the Board’s site. You can close the Board’s site and go to the sign-in page on the Board's web site at a later time. Later sign-in to start the exam. If you do not get sent back to the Board’s web site, the exam will not post as paid. In that case, email the board for help.
  5. Should you sign-out prior to completing the exam, you can complete it later by signing-in on the Board's web site.
If you are not registered on CSWMFT Exam site,
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and enter the User Name and password of your choice. Once registered, you will pay for the examination and then receive an email with a link to start the exam.

If you are registered on CSWMFT Exam site, you can order a new exam or C.E. by entering your Username and Password below:
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The CSWMFT Board collects personally identifiable information (PII) in the Laws & Rules exam and CEU such as name, address, date of birth, telephone # and email as part of our responsibility to administer the licensure law under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4757. The agency uses the information to properly identify applicants for the Laws & Rules Exam & CEU. Individuals applying to the CSWMFT Board must submit PII to complete the licensure application process under Sections 4757.22, 4757.23, 4757.27, 4757.28, 4757.29 and 4757.30 of the Ohio Revised Code. If you do not wish to provide the information requested please contact the Board. The PII that we collect may be a public record and subject to disclosure under Ohio law. For this application, the only data retrieved from the system is the certificate of completion except when additional data is needed to confirm the identity of an applicant.